Dollar Store Organization: 6 Simple Storage Ideas

Dollar Store Organization

We all know that Dollar stores can be great sources of inexpensive finds.  And by Dollar stores I am talking about the ones where everything is actually $1.  I’ve been tricked a few times going into a store with the word “dollar” in it, only to find that not everything was actually $1. That’s why I tend to stick with Dollar Tree.  No surprises there.

I am always, always, always looking for ways to contain all the “stuff” in my house (namely my daughter’s toys which I swear reproduce overnight). I’m assuming you can probably relate since you are reading this post. One thing I have learned about organizing with a child and their massive amount of toys is that the simpler, the better.   Here are a few ways that I’ve used Dollar Tree baskets and bins to maintain some sort of organization around my house in a budget friendly way.

Baskets, Bins, and Boxes…Oh My!
  1. I keep these Stack and Nest Plastic Bins in the kitchen cabinets to hold Tupperware lids.  Instead of having to dig through a stack of lids, they stack next to each other making it easier to see what is in there and pull out the one that you need.
  2. These Oval Slotted Plastic Baskets are perfect for storing my daughter’s toys in the bathtub. The holes keep the water from sitting in the basket and after bath time I just hang the basket from the bath faucet. We also use these baskets to store beach toys.
  3. These Slim Plastic Storage Baskets are great for organizing your medicine closet.  I keep a few of them in mine to hold assorted medicines, essential oil bottles, hair products, and basically anything else that you want to keep organized in your bathroom.
  4. I keep this Mesh Magazine Holder in my kitchen pantry to store plastic wrap, aluminum foil, etc.  (I couldn’t find a picture on the Dollar Tree website so the link is actually to a nearly identical one on Amazon.  See, no need to pay $16! )
  5. The Rectangular Translucent Plastic Storage Boxes With Lids are great to store kid’s art supplies.  I keep my daughter’s paints, crayons, colored pencils, and markers in these boxes. No need to keep a million little crayon boxes around, plus it makes clean up time a lot quicker.
  6. I have a few of these Plastic Slotted Baskets in my pantry to keep snacks organized.  One holds just my daughter’s snacks which helps to keep her from pulling out everything in the pantry when she is looking for something.  I usually take all the snack items (granola bars, pouches, etc.) out of the boxes and just store them in here which takes up a lot less room in the pantry.

I hope you found some good storage ideas on here that will make your life a little easier. I would love to hear any tips and ideas you may have about how to keep an organized(ish) house!

 icon-thumb-tack Quick tip: Label your toy storage bins and boxes with chalkboard adhesive.  That way, when the toys get switched out, you can easily re-label the contents. I have this Chalkboard Adhesive from Amazon and I have used it for multiple things!

What are your favorite Dollar store finds? 

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62 thoughts on “Dollar Store Organization: 6 Simple Storage Ideas

    1. Jody Post author

      Thanks Susan, I’m glad you liked it! I need all the organizational help I can get around here! I just visited your blog and left a comment on your post about the 25 reasons you know you’re a parent…hilarious!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  1. Sandy Sandmeyer

    I find great eye shadows at the dollar store. I get an opportunity to purchase colors I might not want to spend a lot on. I’m not quite as upset when I’m out a dollar. Thank you for visiting and sharing with #AnythingGoes.

  2. Jackie

    I love item number 6! Without a lot of room in my pantry my daughter is always pulling things and any making things fall off the shelf. This sounds like a great space saver and helps your child be more independent. Thanks for the great tips!

  3. Kate

    These are great tips. I utilize dollar store organizing throughout my entire house and love it!
    Thanks for sharing on the Wake Up Wednesday link party!
    Hope to see you next week!
    Kate | The Organized Dream

    1. Jody Post author

      Awesome Kate, inexpensive organizing is the best! I’m always looking for new ways to tame the chaos around here! Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Jody Post author

      Me too Erlene, I usually pick up one or two every time I’m at the store because I know I’ll use them somewhere! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Mert

    Loved the info that you shared. I too made the “dollar store” mistake and was shocked when I was checking out and the total was quite a bit higher than I was expecting

    1. Jody Post author

      Yes Mert, I’ve definitely learned my lesson…when I go into dollar stores now I always check first thing about whether things are actually $1. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Kathleen

    Now there is some seriously good tips to keep it all tidy.
    Remembering to leave from another page to help your statistics
    Fridays Blog Booster Party#7

  6. Aimee

    As a mom of 4, I use most of these tips as well. I also have a small 3 drawer plastic bin that I keep in the kitchen cupboard to corral all of the kids flatware & sippy cup accessories. 🙂 Thanks for the great reminder. I need to get to the Dollar Tree and buy a few more bins for the kids toys. #FridayBlogBooster

    1. Jody Post author

      You’re welcome Aimee! Yep, I use a plastic bin to store my daughter’s bowls and sippy cups too! You can never have too many of those dollar store bins! Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Jenny

    Great tips. I absolutely love the dollar store. Spend hours in them. haha What a good round of storage ideas here. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. I hope to see you again tomorrow for another great round #sharewithme

  8. Minh

    I love the dollar store and I agree – I hate being tricked by the ones where only some items are a dollar. I was just struggling with getting to the back and finding my wax paper under the foil/cling wrap/freezer bags so I’ll definitely pick up one of those mesh magazine holders – thanks for the idea!

    Thanks linking up #ConfessionsLinkUp

  9. Amy Ngai

    Great list! I love the dollar store! You can find some great stuff in there! Didn’t even think of to find stuff there for storage solutions. Thanks for sharing. #ConfessionsLinkUp

  10. Adelien Tandian

    We don’t have Dollar Store here, but looking at the picture, I start to understand such kind of storage. We use the storage a lot for the arts supply and children’s hands on activities. They are really practical. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Helen @ Peakle Pie

    Peakles loves these storage ideas! Your post has been featured on this week’s Frugal Family Linky via Peakle Pie! Hope to see you joining in again soon and remember to pop by and grab your ‘I’ve been Featured’ badge too!

    1. Jody Post author

      Love that Melissa! I am definitely trying to work through some of the clutter around here, but in the meantime dollar store organizing works! Thanks for stopping by!

  12. Deedra

    When I go to the dollar store I always hit the basket isle first. Having a large household and keeping them all organized can be a chore on it own. I never look at the color I am buying because I spray paint all the baskets or bins my favorite color or the color scheme of the room. They don’t look cheap after I am done with them. Great post.

    1. Jody Post author

      Thanks Deedra! Yes, spray paint is a great way to make something over in your color scheme! Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Jody Post author

      Great Aliza! Yep, you can never have too many dollar store bins and baskets! Thanks for stopping by, have a wonderful weekend!

  13. zoe dunn

    great ideas I’ll def be taking a look. We have something similar in the UK called the 99p shop. I love it there and could spend hours browsing all the bits and pieces they have. Thanks for sharing

  14. Emily

    Dollar Tree is speaking my language! LOL I love that place and seeing how people use the items they find there. I especially like the idea of using the magazine holder for foil and plastic wrap. And the slotted baskets in the bathtub are genius. My son loves having bath toys, so I’ll have to check into getting one of those for his toys! Thanks for the ideas!

    1. Jody Post author

      Haha, me too Emily! I am all about finding inexpensive ways to organize! Glad you found this useful, thanks for stopping by!

  15. Nikki Frank-Hamilton

    I love these ideas, I am big into storage containers. We use them in our medicine cupboard, I have the magazine racks on my desk for files, we also store batteries, pencils, pens, markers, etc. I get a lot of my boxes at the Dollar Tree, love that store. I get posterboard there for photo backgrounds, etc.

    Great tips for others to organize and save money! Thanks for linking up! See you next week.

    1. Jody Post author

      Isn’t inexpensive organizing great Nikki? I love it! And I’m always looking for new ways to organize. Thanks for stopping by, have a wonderful weekend!

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