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Hi friend! Thanks so much for checking out EasyPeasyMom.  I’m sure you’re busy so I’m going to give you a quick snapshot of what EasyPeasyMom is all about.

I started EasyPeasyMom because I found myself (and still do sometimes) in constant “go” mode. You know, you are so busy doing everything (at once) that you are in auto-pilot. You do, say, eat, and buy things because it is what you know, it’s part of your routine.  Auto-pilot isn’t always a bad thing, it ensures that we get things done in a timely manner.

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But slowing down doesn’t have to mean missing important tasks or slacking off on your to-do’s. It’s just bringing an awareness to the food that we eat, the products we use around the house, and the things we put on our skin.  EasyPeasyMom is about taking small steps to long-lasting and sustainable changes. It is not an all or nothing approach. It’s a realistic, practical, and affordable way to make healthier choices for ourselves and our families, one product at a time. EasyPeasyMom is about sharing my healthy living journey with you and hoping that we can learn something from each other.

Here are a few posts that I suggest starting with on EasyPeasyMom.  I think you will find that changing to cleaner products will actually be pretty simple and not only will your health be better for it, but so will your wallet!

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Mommy Scientist Series: Why I’m Overhauling My Skincare Products (Part 1)

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